Monday, December 20, 2010

Getting ready for Christmas

The kids insisted on putting up the tree the day after Thanksgiving. Since I had to work that night, they had to wait until that Saturday, but it went up pretty quickly. I let them decorate it themselves, and I think it looks great!

Bella has a nightly ritual of camping out in front of the tree while listening to Christmas music on my ipod. It's so sweet.

We went to a great Christmas party and had fun with face painting, a cake walk and lots of other activities.

Bella even got to visit with Santa. Merry Christmas! More to come....

Halloween and Thanksgiving 2010

So, it's a little late, but there was a LOT going on these past few months. Here's what we've been up to...

Halloween was fun, even with the storm that hit about 3 minutes after this picture was taken.

I liked our decorations this year. Kinda creepy, kinda fun.

I talked Mario into going to see Thriller up at the U this year. It was really fun!

We spent part of the Thanksgiving holiday at Disneyland. We had fun, but I don't think we'll be going during the holidays every again! It was beautiful, but WAY too crowded.

Bella cracks me up in these ride pics. She was having so much fun, I swear! She wanted to ride again and again, not nearly as terrified as she looks.

We were so happy to see Jack, Amy, and Logan! They met us at our hotel and spent a day at Disneyland with us. I just love this kid!!! I wish they lived closer, or we made monthly trips to SoCal, either way...

Jack, Amy, Logan and Bella in front of the castle.

"F", family, Fatafehi!

It was overcast and rainy for most of the trip, but we had fun anyway.

We decided to splurge and stayed at the Grand Californian this time. It was amazing. So beautiful, so fun to be right there by the entrance to California Adventures. The kids first reaction was "Wow....this is, like, royalty!"

And, of course, the gorgeous castle, all decked out for the holidays. Beautiful!

We spent the next couple of days in Mesquite with my family for Thanksgiving. The only pics I got there were of family members sleeping after the feast.....I'll just leave that to the imagination. :-) Next up....Christmas!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cornbelly's 2010

We have a tradition of going to Cornbelly's during the month that it's open. It's so much fun for the kids, but it's a little sad to see them outgrowing a lot of the activities. Here they are, enjoying it while they can :-)

Nick challenging Mario in a little tether-ball match.

Queen of the haystacks!

He just HAD to ride the mechanical bull. That lasted about 4.2 seconds :-)

They love the bouncy pillow!

My big kids! Happy Halloween everyone!


I love the fall! Is it just me, or are the colors more vibrant than ever? It's been such a beautiful fall so far, I'm just in awe almost everywhere I go. The colors are so extreme, I swear I've never seen them this bright before. I hope to get some great fall pics before all the leaves drop. In the mean time, here are a few from the past couple of weeks.

Cavemen 4th grade football. What a cool kid.

Nick and his biggest fan, his baby sis, Bella.

I love this pic. Just a bunch of kids playing :) Bella loves to play with one of Nick's teammate's little brothers, Toa.

We got to visit my Grandma Price in Fallon, NV this month. It's been a few years since we've seen them, and the kids had a great time exploring.

The pig is William Peabody. Last time we visited, he was just a tiny piglet!

Love this pic! My Grandma Lois Price, Aunt Cindy, Bella, Nick, Dude and Ace.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

NORF Golf Event

Mario and I spent a gorgeous day up in Midway last week with a great foundation, NORF (National Opiate Recovery Foundation). It raises awareness and money for people (specifically athletes) who are addicted to prescription drugs and need to go to or stay in treatment. Neither of us golf- at ALL- but it was a fun day together, and we were more than happy to support the cause. My favorite part was the auction at the end...I scored some great deals in the silent auction and got Julie and Mana some Jazz tickets, too. Fun times!!!

Just a little Denver Broncos linemen reunion...Mario Fatafehi, Anton Palepoi, Luther Ellis

Pumpkin Walk

The kids have an event at school called the Pumpkin Walk. Each class is given a theme and they decorate pumpkins to go along with that theme. The overall idea is positive character traits, like respect, honesty, etc. It's really cute. Here are the pics from this year...

Monday, September 27, 2010

Dave and Melanie: September 23, 2010

Congratulations to Dave and Mellie!

They couldn't have chosen a more perfect day to get married. Look how the sun lit up Melanie and her beautiful dress!

The rings.....

I love this! It's the trademark Mellie "OMG" moment! She's thinking "I'm almost married!!!" hahahaha...

Sealed with a kiss...

Ta-dah! They tied the knot!

Now let's get this party started!

Nick and Bella loved exploring the grounds.

Miss Claire and all her cuteness :-)

The classic self portrait while waiting for a chance to congratulate the new couple. There were many, many more friends in attendance, but most were running around putting finishing touches on the gorgeous reception. I was happy to help, but stunned by what everyone else did. We have the most amazing friends! You ladies rocked it!

Bella and Gavin (Melanie's nephew). He's such a sweetheart, as soon as I took this shot, he gave her a hug and kiss on the cheek!

Me and my fam, enjoying the day. (they were pretty excited about the chocolate fountain, too)

Sundee, Melanie, me and Bella

Melanie's bouquet

The poor Nitro! Needless to say, while some were cleaning up the reception, Tracey and I stole the Nitro and took it somewhere to be restored to it's natural, not-disgusting state.

Mellie and her AFH girls! We are so happy for you and your hubby. It was a gorgeous day, and we were all so blessed to be a part of it. Love ya!